Membership Steps

Here at NAPC we believe membership involves four specific areas of Christian life. Showing Up, Serving, Sacrificially Giving, and Sanctification. Each of the steps below connect with these four specific areas.


Step 1: Tell us about yourself

Complete the new membership form and sign up for the class. One form is needed per person desiring to become a member at NAPC.

Deadline to complete information for the March 2019 Class 1 is Wednesday, February 13.


Step 2: Time with an NAPC Elder

Once all memberships forms have been received, an NAPC Elder will reach out to you prior to the upcoming New Member Class. Meetings will be held from approximately February 15-March 1 for the March 2019 Class 1.


New Member Class Upcoming 2019 Dates

Class 1: March 2 (10am-12N) & March 3 (1pm-3pm)

Class 2: May 4 (10am-12N) & May 5 (1pm-3pm)

Class 3: TBD

Class 4: TBD

You may always contact the church office if you have any questions about the membership process.