• Is it Worth It?, Jun. 17th

    This week we are taking a break from our current sermon series to focus on Genesis 11:27-12:9 and the call of Abram. It is worthwhile to sacrifice something important for that which is ultimately important.

  • Behold the Man: The Fields Were, and Still Are, White for Harvest, Jun. 10th

    Jesus has invited us into the Kingdom work of sowing and reaping the harvest, but that looks differently than we expect.  Let's look at how and why we join in with Jesus in this work.

  • Behold The Man: The True Well, Jun. 3rd

    In the Gospel, you can be satisfied by the Gift of the Living Water. Why not share this great news with everyone? This Sunday, Pastor Ken preached on the powerful message from John 4, which focuses on the Samaritan woman at the well. Listen in, to learn how we can share the Living Water.

  • Behold the Man: On Jesus Increasing and You Decreasing, May. 27th

    Our growth as Christians necessarily entails dying to self, and in dying to self we rise to abundant, purposeful life that will result in greater fruitfulness. A corresponding increase in success/influence/notoriety/fame is a possible byproduct, but not the goal, of Jesus increasing in our lives (and for that matter in our church).