• For Such a Time as This: Crooked Sticks, Feb. 11th

    Today we begin a new sermon series, For Such a Time as This, with selected verses from Esther 1 & 2. In this sermon we hear how God uses imperfect, sinful situations and people to bring His plans to pass.

  • What are we so afraid of? Fear of God, Feb. 4th

    This week we conclude our sermon series, What are we so afraid of? If we fear God first and most, our other fears will be less imposing and controlling in our lives. Do we see how amazing and awesome He is?

  • What are we so afraid of? Fear of being a "Jesus Freak", Jan. 28th

    As we continue in our series on fear, we look at how we are afraid to stand out the way Jesus requires us to. This week, we look at how different the world wants us to live and how Jesus asks us to live. How do we live this “weird” and “Jesus Freak” life?

  • What are we so afraid of? Fear of Death, Jan. 21st

    Fear of death is common and complex, coming in many forms and subjecting us to a slavery that manifests itself in nearly every aspect of our lives. Through His mighty resurrection, Jesus turned the evil curse of death into a glorious doorway through which we go from living for Him to living with Him.