• Awesome in Giving: The Same Formula, Nov. 12th

    We continue our sermon series, Awesome in Giving, with Luke 8:1-3. Women whose lives were changed by Jesus financially provided for Jesus’ ministry. The same is true today: those whose lives have been changed by Jesus at NAPC provide for the mission to continue.

  • Awesome in Giving: Who is our Master?, Nov. 5th

    Our three week sermon series, Awesome in Giving, begins this week with Matthew 25:14-30. The giving and investment of our money to spread the gospel and make disciples is both a command and a blessing that will either yield joy (if we do it) or regret (if we don’t).

  • God's Unstoppable Plan to Rescue His People: Blessed, Oct. 29th

    This week we finish our current sermon series, God's Unstoppable Plan to Rescue His People. Do not conclude from the book of Ruth, “if I trust (or obey) the Lord everything will work out the way I want it to.” Conclude that His plans are best (no matter how painful or mysterious), and that one day He will bring us to our eternal joy and rest in Jesus.

  • God's Unstoppable Plan to Rescue His People: Redeemer, Oct. 22nd

    As we continue into Week 5 of our Fall Journey, we look to Ruth 4:1-12 and we learn that Boaz makes good on his promise, fulfilling the legal steps to redeem Naomi’s property and marry Ruth, pointing to the ultimate Redeemer who would fulfill the whole law and repurchase us from the grave.