• Lust and Divorce, Jul. 17th

    The Best Sermon Ever series continues with Matthew 5:27-32. In this sermon we learn that our vision of God and of the life He has for us will determine how we fight against lust and fight for marriage.

  • The Best Sermon Ever: Anger and Relationships, Jul. 9th

    There is a sinful and a righteous way to deal with anger in relationships. As we look to Matthew 5:21-26, we learn that Jesus’ teaching both supports the Old Testament and expands its claim on our lives.

  • Project 658 Testimonies, Jul. 2nd

    In Acts 9:10-15, Jesus tells Ananias to go and find Saul to help him regain his sight, as Jesus has big plans for Saul (who would later become Paul). Ananias is afraid, and wondering why Jesus would ask him to do something like this. As we hear the testimonies from the Project 658 trip, you will hear of discomfort, concern and worry as the NAPC missionaries prepared for the trip. In the end, what Jesus had prepared for all of them was an amazing adventure of sharing the Gospel and His love with others.

  • The Best Sermon Ever: How Jesus Viewed Scripture, Jun. 25th

    The Bible is the most important book ever written. In Matthew 5:17-20, we examine Jesus' view of the Scriptures and how He came to fulfill the most important need that every human being has.