Personnel & Nominating

Personnel’s primary responsibility is employment oversight of NAPC Staff, including all related issues.  The employment oversight also includes Pastor David Milroy.  The span of control and responsibility includes recruiting (including employment terms) hiring, on-boarding, job performance, and termination.

The Nominating responsibility includes oversight of the annual process of leading a committee putting forward Elder and Deacon candidates for open leadership positions at NAPC.


Management of programs which bless NAPC’s congregation for biblical education and fellowship are the primary responsibility of this area of ministry.  Programs include Adult Ministries and Groups, such as NAPC Small Group (Fall & Spring Journey), Equip, Women’s & Men’s Discipleship.  Including oversight of Youth Ministry.  Note that a close working relationship with the Associate Pastor of Discipleship, who leads this area of ministry, is involved.


Leadership of NAPC’s Service ministry, including implementation of the EPC’s “GO-Strategy”, selection of ministries to support, track, along with oversight of the dollar amount of funds to distribute are the primary responsibilities.

Operationally, creation of the Service Committee Calendar, coordination with all Service Groups such as Team Linden, establishing the annual Support Budget, are also included.

Finance & Stewardship

NAPC Financial Operating Budget creation, Tracking, and Reporting are the core responsibilities of this area of ministry.  Financial management of NAPC assets, including Capital Campaign contributions is also included.

Stewardship drives the planning and execution of the annual campaign securing tithing commitments from the congregation.

Governance & Strategy (G&S)

Oversees numerous aspects of NAPC church Governance.  Including Strategy formation, Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) oversight, EPC relationship management, application of the EPC Book of Order, NAPC member discipline, examination of Elder and Deacon candidates, formation of NAPC Church Strategy, Annual Leadership Retreat Planning, Legal Issues, and serves as an ombudsman of sorts in working with all other areas of ministry.  For example, works cross collaboratively with Personnel.  Finally, G&S will work in close partnership with the Pastor on Church vision and direction.