Go. Serve. Love.

  • NAPC has several outreach programs, where lives are changed by the power of Jesus. We encourage you to explore the list and find the best use for your time and talent!  Sign up to serve directly from one of the links below.

  • Linden

    Since 2018, NAPC started supporting the Linden Community in Columbus, OH. A mere 9 miles from the New Albany community, the Linden community was put on our hearts following our transition to the EPC. Serving opportunities are available now..

    Click here to know more about our Linden Ministries and to sign-up to serve!


  • Kingdom City Church International (KCCI)

    NAPC supports the missions of Pastor George Jabulani in Uganda, Gulu. When NAPC first traveled to Gulu in 2008 as a mission team, they returned with a compelling desire to support the growing community. The support to this church helps with Pastor George’s salary, teachers, new construction and more. The team has traveled in 2010, 2013 and 2018! Our next mission trip will be January 2020. 

    Click here to know more about Gulu, Uganda.

  • Sports Outreach - Ometepec, Mexico

    Working side by side with those we serve, Sports Outreach shares and demonstrates adaptability and resiliency that empowers and equips individuals, families and communities to overcome adversity, reduce suffering and be transformed.

    Tim and Barb Wood have followed in the footsteps of Tim's parents as Missionaries in Mexico, specifically where Tim grew up in Ometepec. They lead a thriving church, travel to the far outreaches of Mexico to share The Gospel, work within the local community as a beacon of light and hope and provide safe places for kids to play, learn, love and hear about Jesus during camps.

    NAPC travels to Ometepec, Mexico to support the Wood's Mission once per year. Check back to know more about our 2020 Mission Trip.

    Want to give the mission? Click here to donate. Choose Go.Serve.Love, then the Ometepec Sub-Fund.


  • Project 658

    At Project 658 they believe that in Christ we all can have hope restored. They seek community transformation through the powerful work of Jesus and are committed to serving families in greatest need in our city and around the world in ways that that are practical, sustainable and burden lifting. They believe that the only way a community is transformed is by putting Jesus at the center and allowing His work to bring change. Their goal is to bring hope back to these communities that feel lost, forgotten, and in despair. The goal of Project 658 is to see hope restored.

    Check back to know more about mission opportunities in 2019!

  • Young Life

    Young Life leaders log many hours with kids — where they are, as they are. We listen to their stories and learn what's important to them because we genuinely care about their joys, triumphs, heartaches and setbacks. Loving kids regardless of their responses. They believe in the power of presence. Kids' lives are dramatically influenced when caring adults come alongside them, sharing God's love with them. Because their Young Life leader believes in them, they begin to see that their lives have great worth, meaning and purpose.


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