Serve at NAPC

  • What ministry area do you prefer to serve in? Check a box (or more) below to let us know your preference!

    I love people, greeting and making everyone feel welcome at NAPC. (Greeter/Welcome Center/Coffee/Security)
    I love children! I would love to serve them by caring for them and teaching them about Jesus. (JAM! Ministry (0-6th grade), 222 Ministry (7th-12th grade)
    I know my way around technical equipment and want to use my gift to help NAPC services run smoothly each week! (Production Booth, Camera/Photography, Sound-Check)
    I can build, I can move, I can make it happen!
    I would love to help this ministry by serving our Adults, Youth or Kids. ( EQUIP/Adult Teacher, EQUIP/Youth Teacher, EQUIP/Kids Leader or Assistant)
    Not sure where to use your gifts? We can help. Click this box and we can talk about what would work best for you.