Frequently Asked Questions

Children's Ministry

How is children’s ministry (Nursery/Toddler and JAM!) changing?

      • We are thrilled to restart Nursery/Toddler and JAM! during the worship service, but there will be a few differences. The two big changes are location and duration:
          • –All children’s ministry levels will be housed in the Classroom Center (the building closer to the main parking lot, diagonally across from the cafeteria building). This is true for both JAM! students and those in Nursery/Toddler. Children’s check-in will be inside the Classroom Center, no longer in the cafeteria building.
          • –Children’s check-in will occur before worship begins. There will be NO dismissal of children during the worship service. This change is to limit cross-traffic and hallway congestion in each building.

How does children’s check-in work? Can I take my children to their classroom?

      • Upon entering the Classroom Center, you will approach the children’s check-in area with your children while keeping social distances from members of other households. A volunteer will check in your child and then direct you down the hallway to drop off your child at their respective classroom. Then, please continue down the hallway and exit out the door back toward the main parking lot. From there, you can loop around and enter the Worship Center.

Will children in the Classroom Center be required to wear a mask?

      • *Update 12/3/2020* – The Ohio Department of Health Order requires children under 10 to wear a mask inside places of public accommodation, subject to other additional exceptions. In keeping with this, we now will require all students to wear masks. In the event that weather permits classes to be held outside at one of the playground pavilions, social distancing will be maintained but masks will not be required.

How will pick-up work after the worship service?

      • We ask that you please form a socially distanced line outside the Classroom Center. When it is your turn to enter, you may proceed down the hallway to the appropriate classroom and pick up your child. Please do not send siblings over for pick-up. One parent picking up all children is preferred.

Can I keep my children with me in worship?

      • Of course! We just please ask that you make this decision prior to the beginning of the worship service. Again, there is no dismissal during the worship service. The table at the entry to the Worship Center will have “Kids’ Sermon Notes” pages just like we provided for outdoor worship. Please feel free to take them.