Frequently Asked Questions

General Worship & Volunteer

General Worship Information

Where and what time will we worship?

      • NAPC will hold ONE worship service at 10:00AM in the New Albany Middle School cafeteria building.

What should I consider when planning on attending worship? 

Due to increasing cases in and around New Albany and our need to be consistent to protect the health, safety, and welfare of our community. Before you join us for worship on Sunday, please be sure to:
  • 1. Take personal temperature. Your temperature cannot exceed 100 degrees without medication for 24 hours.
  • 2. Verify that you are not displaying other COVID-19 symptoms:
  •     – Persistent new cough
  •     – New loss of taste or smell
  •     – Sore throat
  •     – Runny nose
  • 3. Verify that they have not been in close contact or exposed to anyone with or symptomatic of COVID-19.
  • 4. Verify that they have not been in contact with a person confirmed with Influenza A or B or exhibiting flu-like symptoms.
If you are experiencing any symptoms listed above, kindly join us for Live Stream (link below) at 10:00am.

Why aren’t there two worship services? Will we again have two worship services?

      • At this time, volunteer numbers and other constraints make having two worship services impractical. We do not know for sure when this will change, but we intend to resume Traditional and Acoustic worship just as soon as we can.

Where do I enter and exit the Worship Center?

          • The Worship Center has one designated entrance and one designated exit in an effort to reduce cross-traffic and hallway congestion. You will enter the cafeteria building at the front, near the prior entrance but slightly closer to the main parking lot. This will be well marked. We will no longer have the rear entrance at the tennis court lot. You may still park in that lot, which includes designated handicapped parking. If you do, please come through the gate and up the side of the cafeteria building adjacent to the playground, which will take you to the entrance. Similarly, one exit will be used after the worship service, taking you out that same side of the building toward the playground.
      • Are there greeters to give me a bulletin and a handshake or hug?
      • Upon entering the Welcome Center, you will be greeted by an usher. The usher will abide by social distancing of 6 feet or more. Nearby you will find a table with hand sanitizer, masks, and a small number of paper bulletins. From there, the usher will direct you to your seats. The Worship Center will be seated from front to back and we ask that you please sit in the row directed by the usher, leaving three empty chairs between you and any persons from another household who are seated in that same row.

How can I get a copy of the bulletin?

      • Each Saturday, a “prepare for worship” email will be sent to the congregation. It will include news and notes for worship the following day as well as directions to our website where you can download a PDF of the weekly bulletin. Also, the table in the Welcome Center will have signs with QR codes you can scan with your device to access the bulletin electronically.

Can I get a Bible or hymnal from the rolling cart?

      • Anything we would pass out would have to undergo a full sanitization process upon collection. For this reason, no Bibles or hymnals will be available in worship. Lyrics and Scripture references will be available electronically and on the bulletin and you of course can always bring your own copy of God’s Word.

Will there still be coffee available?

      • No. For the foreseeable future, the coffee station will be closed. You are welcome to bring your own.

What sanitization procedures are in place to ensure everything is clean for Sunday morning?

      • NAPC is blessed by our relationship with the school custodial staff. As part of our rental fee for each week, school custodians sanitize all hard surfaces, including every chair. Hand sanitizer pumps and stations will also be available throughout each building for your use.

How will the chairs be arranged? Will we be sitting close to each other?

      • The custodial staff has increased spacing between rows of chairs (approximately 7 feet). The chairs are next to one another, so we ask that you please sit in the row directed by the usher, leaving two empty chairs between you and any persons from another household who are seated in that same row.

Can I move the chairs around to suit our family?

      • We ask that you please not do this. If you have too many people in your household to fit in the remaining seats in a row, please move to the next row. If you need a chair moved for handicapped access, please just ask an usher for assistance.

What if we run out of seats in the Worship Center? Will we need sign-ups?

      • Our goal is to avoid sign-ups if at all possible so that all who wish to attend worship each Sunday may do so. To help with that, we will have an overflow seating section in the other cafeteria on the other side of the Worship Center (where EQUIP Adult and Nursery/Toddler used to be located). The worship service will be live-streamed to this additional seating area.

Do I have to wear a mask during worship? Will everyone be wearing a mask?

      • You knew these questions and answers were coming. 🙂 The current Ohio Department of Health Order requires the wearing of face coverings (masks) in all indoor public spaces throughout the state, subject to certain stated exceptions. NAPC expects and requires that everyone wear a mask when entering, exiting and walking around inside either of the buildings, and masks will be available for those who don’t have one with them. For those seated and participating during the worship service, however, NAPC encourages but will not require the wearing of masks. NAPC will not function as an enforcement arm of the government, respecting matters of Christian conscience that may lead someone to remove their mask as they worship the Lord. For more information on the theological reasons behind this policy, check out the recent NAPC Pastor’s Blog here.

Can NAPC ensure that everyone around me will wear a mask?

      • In short, no, just like no other business or organization can make that guarantee. However, to do our best to make this accommodation, we are requiring all persons in the overflow seating area in the other cafeteria to wear a mask for the entire time of the worship service. Our hope is that this will provide a comfortable environment to worship for those who only want to be near others who are also wearing masks. For this reason, anyone may choose to worship in that space even if the main worship area is not yet at capacity.

I am part of an “at-risk” group. What special accommodations are available during this time?

      • For our worship participants who consider themselves “at-risk” for COVID-19 and other serious illnesses, we invite you to come to worship early. You may arrive and be seated up to 20 minutes before the start of of the worship service and take your seat at that time. This will reduce foot traffic near you, whether in the main Worship Center or in the overflow, mask-required seating area.

Will we take the offering and celebrate Communion?

      • We will continue to handle these matters as we did this summer in outdoor worship. For the offering, we will not pass plates, but there will be an offering box near the front of the Worship Center where you can leave your tithes and offerings. We also encourage you to give electronically, which you can do by visiting the “Give” page on our website here. For Communion, we will celebrate this sacrament on the first Sunday of every month, but we have replaced served elements with individually pre-packaged elements that you will receive when you arrive at the Worship Center.

Will everything look the same at NAMS as I remember it?

      • As you have already read, there certainly will be differences, but the crucial things will remain unchanged. We will follow the same liturgy that walks us toward the cross and we will sing praises to our glorious God. Worship will be centered on Scripture and we will never waiver from preaching the Word. Can I get an, amen?!

When worship ends, what do I do and where do I go?

      • At the end of worship, participants will be dismissed in an orderly fashion: row-by-row from the back of the room to the front. This is intended to minimize cross-traffic and hallway congestion. Once your row is dismissed, you will proceed out of the exit door to the rear of the Worship Center. We ask that no one congregate inside after worship. If you have any children in the Classroom Center, please proceed to that building as soon as possible to pick up your kids.


Volunteer Information

Will I have to wear a mask as a volunteer?

      • Yes. As part of agreeing to volunteer at NAPC, you have agreed to wear a mask while carrying out your volunteer duties. This applies to all volunteers of all kinds, whether for setup and tear down, greeters/ushers, children’s ministry or otherwise. There are only two exceptions to this requirement:
  • –If your volunteer duties take place outside and you are able to maintain social distances, or
          • –If you are a teacher in children’s ministry, you may remove your mask to address the entire class but must maintain social distances while doing so. 

Apart from my volunteer duties, what rules must I follow?

      • When not carrying out your volunteer duties, you are the same as any other worship participant. Please see the above information for detail, including the wearing of masks.

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