• In the Beginning: The Beauty of Male, Female and Marriage, Jan. 29th

    This week for our “In the beginning” series, we cover Genesis 2:18-25 as we explore the beautiful design of God for human being and human relationships, the apex of which is the gift of marriage.

  • In the Beginning: Integrated Lives, Jan. 22nd

    Our sermon series “In the Beginning” continues with Genesis 2:1-15. This week we learn how we were created to work and to rest, all in an integrated life that enjoys the Giver as well as His gifts.

  • In the Beginning: Who, Jan. 15th

    As we continue in our sermon series “In the Beginning”, we look to Genesis 1:26-31. In this week’s sermon, we learn that humans were created very good and in the image and likeness of God.  Our embodied, finite lives are a gift to be enjoyed under the blessing and commandments of our amazing Father. Enjoy the goodness of your life that God has given you!

  • In the Beginning: How and When, Jan. 8th

    Our sermon series “In the Beginning” continues this week with Genesis 1:1-25. When did God create the universe? How did the vast diversity and complexity of life come to exist within parameters that appear so fine-tuned for life as we know it on Earth? Is Genesis 1 a poem, a scientific text, or something else altogether? We explore these questions this week, and find that above all God is the author, the hero and the center of Creation event. He is truly awesome.

  • In the Beginning: Why, Jan. 1st

    Our new year at NAPC begins with a new sermon series on Genesis 1-3. The first week in our series examines why God created the material universe: to show forth His glory and to share in His Triune love and joy with His creatures. This is Good News that will change our lives.