• Strong and Courageous : Keep Christianity Strange, Apr. 30th

    We live in a culture that seems increasingly hostile to what Christians believe. How should we respond? Do we hide our faith or adapt our message to fit in? In this series we will examine God’s call to be “strong and courageous,” a freeing call to live and love with boldness, humility and joy. In the first sermon of the series, the book of Daniel points us to a story of three men and how their faith was tested, we learn that the best way to serve Christ is not to blend in but to be different!

  • Where are you on your Emmaus Road?, Apr. 23rd

    This week NAPC will be exploring the experience of two men who encountered Jesus after His Resurrection while they were walking from Jerusalem to their home on the Emmaus Road. The not so hidden question of the sermon is “What would Jesus hear you saying as you walk down your Emmaus Road?”

  • It’s All About Love, Apr. 16th

    He Is Risen! He Is Risen Indeed! The scriptures shared from our Easter message, John 3:16-17 and Luke 24:36-48, revealed the wonderful truth of God’s love for us.

  • The Approach of the King, Apr. 9th

    On Palm Sunday, we study Matthew 21:1-17 to look at the triumphal entry into Jerusalem and the cleansing of the temple. These physical approaches of Jesus provide a picture of His spiritual approach to our lives and our only right response to Him.

  • No Heroes But One, Apr. 2nd

    This Sunday we look at the book of 2 Kings. We learn that in King Hezekiah’s life, with all of its ups and downs, reminds us of our own trials, temptations and failures, and points us to our need for the true Hero Jesus.