• "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (?)": Anticipation, Nov. 26th

    Anticipation builds toward year-end as our culture tells us everything really can be wonderful this season in the here and now. Anticipation often collapses into disappointment as we anticipate the wrong things, desiring wondrous perfection only in this life. Instead, just like Joseph, we are called to anticipate something much greater—the Son of God who came and is coming again in power and glory.

  • Awesome in Giving: What We Give and What it Means, Nov. 19th

    We conclude our sermon series, Awesome in Giving, with a reading from 2 Corinthians. We learn how what we give reveals who is most important in our lives, who we trust and who we obey.

  • Awesome in Giving: The Same Formula, Nov. 12th

    We continue our sermon series, Awesome in Giving, with Luke 8:1-3. Women whose lives were changed by Jesus financially provided for Jesus’ ministry. The same is true today: those whose lives have been changed by Jesus at NAPC provide for the mission to continue.

  • Awesome in Giving: Who is our Master?, Nov. 5th

    Our three week sermon series, Awesome in Giving, begins this week with Matthew 25:14-30. The giving and investment of our money to spread the gospel and make disciples is both a command and a blessing that will either yield joy (if we do it) or regret (if we don’t).