Small Groups begin at NAPC

Small Groups begin at NAPC

What is love, anyway? A profoundly passionate feeling? An affirmation of someone’s choices? Or is it something different entirely? John is in a unique position to teach us the answer through his letter, “1 John.” After all, John followed Jesus for three years during Jesus’ earthly ministry. He became known as “the disciple whom Jesus loved.” He wrote 1 John at the end of his life. An elderly, venerable man who had by this time devoted himself to Jesus through trials, tortures and persecutions for over half a century, John will to answer for 1st and 21st century Christians the critical question, “what is love?”

In this small group study, we will go verse by verse through 1 John. Please, find a group and read it with Christian friends. Join in as we allow the Scriptures to answer this perennial and powerful question about the very foundation of life – love. 

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Growing along with all of you,

Pastor Ken


Sun, Feb 11th @ 12:00am


New Albany Presbyterian Church

5885 E Dublin Granville Rd
New Albany, OH 43054