Lives changed by Jesus Christ

Check out these powerful stories about how people who have been impacted by the generosity of NAPC and have in turn given boldly.
  • Week 1 story: Bob & Ina Milroy

    “It’s surprised us that when we’ve made a substantial financial commitment to the church, we’ve been able to fulfill it without a struggle.” – Bob & Ina Milroy

  • Week 2 story: Alex & Kristen Harper

    “We’ve always tried to be charitable, but we realized that true generosity requires deeper thought and prayer. We were able to set a giving target as a family that was both exciting and uncomfortable. To give as a family allowed us to reflect on our blessings, assess our spending, and be unified to give so that others can be brought to Christ.” – Alex  & Kristen Harper

  • Week 3 story: Brian & Tesia Moore

    “Ultimately, we choose to give our money away because God calls us to do so. When we give, it acknowledges that all we have is from the Lord and it loosens the control money tends to have on us. We don’t have it all figured out, but we hope to model hearts of generosity for our son, especially towards the advancement of God’s kingdom.” – Brian and Tesia Moore

  • Week 4 story: Janet Dehmer

    “Giving generously to the Lord is really all about learning to fully trust God and His sovereignty over our lives, knowing that He is the giver of everything we have, and that His plan for us is always better, even if that plan is not what we would have wanted or ever anticipated.”  Janet Dehmer

  • Week 5 story: Greg & Erin Walther

    “All that we have is from the Lord. God commands us to tithe, which both glorifies Him and helps guard our hearts against sin. Faithfully giving helps advance the Kingdom of God and is one way that we can use the blessings God has allowed us to have in order to be a blessing to others.” – Greg & Erin Walther